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Background Information

In 2012, to address flooding issues nationally, the Office of Public Works (OPW) commissioned and completed Catchment and Flood Risk Management (CFRAM) studies covering the entire country reviewing 300 flood-prone sites.  An output of the flood study identified 118 at risk areas, including Kilkee, and the associated impacts of flooding. The plan also set out the measures and policies to be pursued in order to achieve the most cost effective and sustainable management of flood risk.

Following the launch of the CFRAM Study findings, as part of the Government’s National Development Plan 2018-2027, almost €1 billion was committed to investment into flood relief measures across the country.

Post this commitment, a steering group was established between the OPW and Clare County Council to progress a flood relief scheme to alleviate the risk of flooding for community of Kilkee. In January 2020, JBA Consulting Engineers and Scientists and JB Barry and Partners Limited were appointed to develop a scheme that is technically, socially, environmentally and socially acceptable.

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