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Public Consultation Day

21st April 2023

The project team met the local community at the Public Consultation Day on 13th April 2023 to present the preferred fluvial flood relief option for Kilkee. This was the project's third public consultation event and was held at Kilkee Community Centre. Presentations were given by the design consultants explaining the preferred option and the decision-making process behind it, and indicative planning and construction timelines were outlined. There was a strong local representation at the event.

On the day, public opinion on the preferred fluvial option was gathered from those in attendance through conversations and written responses to questionnaires. The questionnaire was made available on the project website and responses after the event were submitted to the project office. Emails from those who could not attend are currently being taken into consideration. Information presented at the event is available on the project website here.

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Project Commencement

6th December 2019

The contract to begin work on a detailed design and implementation of a Flood Relief Scheme in Kilkee, a town that has been subject to recurring flooding for numerous years, commenced on the 6th of December 2019.